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I personally like using 2 bins for several reasons.
-easier to fit into the bathtub to clean
-easier to carry/move around

I use 1 larger tub and 1 smaller one. I put the wheel in the smaller one and my hedgie does all his potty in there so it's easier to clean every day and at the end of the week there's just 1 small tub to wash out.

I use one of those ferret tubes to connect the two. It has rings that hold the tube onto the tubs. I can easily disconnect the tubs and stack them inside one another for transport. Many people use PVC pipes, but cutting a 4" PVC pipe with a hand saw is not fun. Then you have to worry about sharp edges and gluing the tube into place, which of course can't be removed. Also PVC is a toxic plastic.

http://www.petco.com/product/109172/Sup ... erralID=NA

I use rubbermaid roughneck bins since they are taller so I don't have to worry about escape artists and use a screen/lid. I also found that under room temperature (68 degrees), I didn't need to heat the plastic before drilling holes. The opaque bins seem to be stronger than the clear plastic type. Either that or other people were drilling in cold weather.
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