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When I got Billa his name was Scratch. I see here that many people do not rename rehomes but I think this is the exception. I believe Scratch got that name because he would scratch a lot (thats what I was told by the previous owners). Well lo and behold he also had very dry skin, bad ears and lived in a wooden house. Any guesses why he was so itchy?

So we renamed him Billa. Some people ask me if I mean "Bella" and I don't, then they say that Billa is a girly name. I dont think it is either masculine or feminine. It suits him.

Billabong is an Australian word for a oxbow lake and is in the first line of one of my favourite songs called "Waltzing Matilda" which goes like this "Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong" and although I am Canadian I still think Billa suits my little hedgie. He seems like a Billa. He is like the creation of an oxbow lake when there is all of this movement of the water around various bends during its creation and in the end it ends up being just stagnant pool of water. This is like my little hedgie, who will actively and energetically explore all around me and the blankie we are in during bonding time only to tire himself out and fall asleep in the blankie that he spent so much time exploring. Once he has found his little spot he will not budge until I put him back into his cage.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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