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It just depend on the individual animal to me.
Shelby I named, well because I like Mustangs. lol I couldn't have a Shelby mustang so I got a Shelby Hedgie! :D
My other girl I had a name picked out before I got her and then I was looking up names on the internet for the other girl I was caring for (because I didn't like calling her "the white one") and was looking up meanings for names. And I thought Wasabe looked like a little teddy bear in the face so searched for "Bear" as the meaning and Wasabe was on of them.
It's Native American and means "Black Bear"
"The white one" I was caring for I named Rowena (her new daddy kept the name too) it is also Native American and it means "White Spear" I thought it fit since she was albino. :)
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