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your philosophy on naming

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What types of names does everyone prefer for their hedgies?

Character names from books? Movies? Cartoons?

"People" names like Geoffrey or Linda?

Names that describe what they look like--Spike, Urchin, Koosh Ball?

Do you prefer to have a name all picked out before they come home, so as to hopefully grant certain traits and characteristics to him/her?

Or do you believe that one should wait and see what his/her personality is already like, and name accordingly?

I'm interested to know!
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I work in PetsMart on the weekends, and basically just wonder around the store. There is a New Puppy Center in the main isle with all sorts of puppy stuff that I walk by constantly, and on it are these treats by Kong called Puppy Ziggies. I thought to myself one day, "Hey, Ziggie would be a cute name for a Hedgehog" and later asked my hubby what he thought. He agreed (I've trained him well, lol), but I decided to end it with a "y" instead of an "ie" because that's how I name everyone. (My son is Kory, my dog is Murphy, and my tortoise is Timmy.)

So, that is how Ziggy got his name, after a puppy treat! =)
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