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I don't usually give animals people names and I especially don't name them after people I know (I just think it's weird).

Anyway I'll go in order

1st cat was mustard because of his colour and because my parents were really into the game Clue when they got him

Dog was named Budgie because that's the name she came with from the humane society

2nd Cat was cuddles because she looked so cuddly (she's totally not)

3rd cat was checkers because he was black and white (that's my dad's fault don't ask me why black and white = checkers)

4th cat was named Pebbles because of her gray colouring with darker grayish-brown spots
this cat had three kittens that we called snap, crackle and pop, because they sounded like rice-krispies when they were nursing

1st bird was named Addy because I got it off a name list that I googled

Mouse was named Bianca (only exception to the human name rule thing) after Ms. Bianca from the rescuers (favourite kids movie)

2nd Bird is named Duke because that's the name he came with from the family I adopted him from

Hedgehog is named Quilgley because we thought it was cute. I was looking for a Disney animal name for the hedgehog as well (because we had one for the mouse) but couldn't find a good one.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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