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Your hedgehog's favorite music?

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I noticed tonight, I think Lily likes listening to the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. I was holding her while listening, and she sat very still and quiet the entire time My Eyes was playing. Once it ended, she started crawling around on my lap again. :lol:

So...Has anyone else noticed if their hedgehog likes a certain type of music or a certain song? :D
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wow thats really funny! I haven't played music while with my hedgie yet and now I must try some music and see what he does. very interesting!! Hope to hear more stories! :D
I don't have my hedgie yet, but maybe we'll share a taste for showtunes! Haha, I've been planning on naming it Sondheim, hoping it will inspire the hedgehog to be a musical genius. :lol:
Well, my hedgehog doesn't really care about music , but my rats , they love it ! If I sing to the both of them they will come right up to the edge of the cage and sway back and forth. it is sooo cute!
I know this post is a little necro but, i have noticed that Jeffrey loves Bush and alot of 90s music. He pokes his head out of his blanket and pops he ears up. Its really cute <o.o>
My hedgies like talk radio and classical music like Mozart or that might just be me :lol: my hedgies have not figured out how to change stations as of yet :D
Classical is always enjoyable, you should try something with alot of bass. Hedgie does funny things with bass.
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