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You Know when you're obsessed...

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...when you can't wait to leave your beautiful home, family, and friends to return to a sketchy residence building with 9 noisy roommates and killer homework loads....

...because your hedgehog has more fun there. :)

Beck is a free hog once more. Tee hee.
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nationofamanda said:
you know your obsessed when in public you and your partner are talking about "the babies" and someone asks if you have twins and you both have to sheepishly explain you were talking about the hedgehogs.

...or you decide not to go on vacation this summer because taking in another rescue sounds like more fun to spend your money on.

...or you carry around photos of the, in your purse and on your camera and cell phone and whip them out whether people really care or not.

...or your coworkers, friends and family constantly ask how "the kids" are.
that is so cute :)
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