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You Know when you're obsessed...

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...when you can't wait to leave your beautiful home, family, and friends to return to a sketchy residence building with 9 noisy roommates and killer homework loads....

...because your hedgehog has more fun there. :)

Beck is a free hog once more. Tee hee.
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...You spend any money you get (even before getting a regular part-time job) on your hedgehog! I've been more or less constantly broke before now because any money I got went towards Lily's food, cage, vet bills, or liners.

...Your friends have resigned themselves to hearing you talk about your "baby" and having to wait while you fuss over counting kibble and changing fleece liners before leaving for the evening.

...Your friends that you talk to online are all well acquainted with your hedgehog and all want to meet your hedgie as much as they want to meet you! :lol:
My friends online are all in love with her too from me spamming them with pictures and Lily stories. The other day when I posted on my Facebook status that she had had a cool belly, I had four people, all online friends, comment with various upset faces. I went into the chatroom that I frequent and the first thing anyone said to me was "How's Lily doing?" :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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