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So as most of you know, I've been here for about a year researching hedgehogs and finally got my little girl, Spork, at the end of August. And so of course I heard all about quilling and they can get grumpy.

But man, were you guys serious. She is going through her 12 week old quilling now, I think, and she is a total brat. When I first got her, she was so very sweet. Unballed as soon as she was flipped over (she doesn't like being on her back) and never bit. The first time she bit me was at the vet and that made sense because I work there so all my coworkers were super excited to meet my new pet. It was stressful.

But now she's bitten me a couple times. Not licking and then biting. Just straight up going for it. And she likes to bite my clothes when I have her out.

This is not a big deal and I'm not freaking out. I know that this is totally normal. Just sharing my new experience with Spork.
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