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Definately go with the oatmeal bath. You can use real non-instant oatmeal, stuff in sock and swish around to make the water cloudy, or you can use Aveeno oatmeal bath.

Also, you should go out and buy some flax seed capsules. They usually come in a container with 1000 capsules. Should start feeding him 1 capsule per week(pop one open with a pin, and let it soak into his kibble). And after a bath, you should make a final rinse with another capsule of oil added in. About an inch of water would do, add in 1 or 2 capsules, and wash over his back. However, since it seems to be a more severe case, You may want to drip a few drops of oil directly onto his back, without the water dilute, and use the rest of the capsule in his food(I just like to do it in the water rinse because it seems to distribute more evenly).

Second, get a tube of regular strength polysporin or neosporin, it MUST be regular strength, and dab that onto the raw spots to moisturize and aid in the healing process.

Third, how are his nails? Are they nice, short and trimmed? If they're overly long, and being awkward babies, he might be hurting himself that way.

Fourth, if he's really scratching that much, and considering he seems to be scratching his head a lot. It does sound a bit like mites. So that's something to consider as well. It's just that during quilling time, the scratching tends to be more focussed on their back/sides, rather than their head and ears.

So over the next little while, keep an eye on his raw spots, count his kibble so you know how much he is eating and know when/if he eats more or less. And weigh him at least once a week(helps to weigh at the same time, and make note if it's before or after a poop, because that can set the weight off 20g). It will help catch any fluctuations in weight and eating habit quickly, so you know if something is wrong.
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