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You might want to try to increase the temperature in her cage.

Also, she needs at 12-16 hours of light. If you have the entire cage but one section covered, she might not be getting enough light. Hibernation can also be light induced, as in the winter, the daylight hours are shorter, which is why our hedgies need to have some sort of light for at least 12 hours.

They DO lose quills here and there as an adult. And right now, it might be spring quilling, as LG had posted her hedgie has lost a few quills.

However, since you mentioned a runny nose, I'd suggest taking her to the vets, then you can get it all checked out.

Aside: There's not much need to dry them with a blow dryer. Just wrap her up in a dry towel and cuddle with her for an hour or so. It makes great bonding time. ^_^
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