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I have a 7 month old female whose recently shown off/on swelling of her feet and forearms. about every 15-20minutes her feet(the front two mostly) seem to wax and wane in severity of swelling. no redness or blueing in the toes, seems like blood flow is normal, she still plays runs eats ect. Just cerious if this is anything i should be super concerned about or if i should just keep a close eye on it.
Here are some pictures of them( my girlfriends camera phone suxs but hopefully this gives idea)
[attachment=1:3twj29jg]Swolen1 (3).jpg[/attachment:3twj29jg]
[attachment=0:3twj29jg]Swolen2 (3).jpg[/attachment:3twj29jg]

Swelling reduced after 4 or so days, my best guess was water retention - i cut out some of her fattier foods for 2 days and saw this result. ty for showing your concerns.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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