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Worried about my new hedgie!

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My hedgie has been home for a week and everything has been fine until yesterday, when I noticed that his poop was a little green, loose and mucousy. He is eating and drinking normally, but last night's wheel was a little less poopy than it has been. He was definitely running on it though.

I'm pretty sure he is quilling, because I'm finding little quills all over his liner and sleep bag. Could this be a cause of his stomach problem, or is it the stress of coming to a new home? Also, while I was figuring out the best setting for his heat lamp, the temperature in his cage fluctuated between 72 and 79 degrees. The day that his poop changed it was about 79 in his cage. Now I found what I think is the best setting, and it's 75-76 by where he sleeps, and about 2 degrees cooler on the far end of his cage, where his wheel is. Also, is it bad if when I took him out to play, the temperature in the room is cooler than in his cage?

I'm worried! Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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It's probably the stress of a new home and quilling and even possibly the warm temperature may have played a small factor in it.

Count his kibble to make sure he is eating well. If it progresses to frequent very loose runny poops watch that he doesn't become dehydrated.

It should pass in a day or two. :)
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