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Wont eat Sunseed Vita Hedgehog Formula

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After doing a bunch of research i found that Sunseed Vita Hedgehog Formula is supposedly very healthy for Jeffrey... BUT HE WONT EAT IT! Ive been mixing it with his old food/s and he just dodges the vita part and eats the rest... is there a special technique to get him to eat it? I have 5 canisters of it, i dont particularly want to give up so easily on it.
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Alot of us on this site take our hedgies very seriously :D
And calling him a punk will not sit well with many ;)
Welcome to HHC :mrgreen:
I Have several of these in my mix authourity weight mangement,P1 chicken&oatmeal,wellness healthy weight and Blue Spa Select Mature chicken&brown rice recipe.
I also use Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul Light Formula and natural balance green pea and duck.
Petsmart don't carry any Wellness cat foods and they don't sell Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul either.
hedgielover said:
It's funny that every one says petsmart doesn't carry wellness because I'm sure that's where I got it the first time but maybe it was PJ's. Also it's probably different depending on location. If you're in the GTA PJ's is big and so is Pet value and they both have wellness.
Here is a link to the wellness site..Up in the right hand corner look for WHERE TO BUY and you can see who sells it near you. :D
Most brands of cat food have a website.

When in doubt just do a search :D
1 - 5 of 37 Posts
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