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Wont eat Sunseed Vita Hedgehog Formula

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After doing a bunch of research i found that Sunseed Vita Hedgehog Formula is supposedly very healthy for Jeffrey... BUT HE WONT EAT IT! Ive been mixing it with his old food/s and he just dodges the vita part and eats the rest... is there a special technique to get him to eat it? I have 5 canisters of it, i dont particularly want to give up so easily on it.
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It took me forever to find a second food that Eva would eat - finally I decided to try Blue Buffalo Longevity Mature. So now she eats Chicken Soup (Light) and that. (Success! :lol: ) I know Petsmart carries it.

I don't think I've ever heard (or read) anything all that great about anything actually labeled as "hedgehog food" though...
LarryT said:
Petsmart don't carry any Wellness cat foods and they don't sell Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul either.
No, they don't... I actually don't know who carries CS as far as chains go. We buy most of our pet food from a local place called All About Pets. The owner is this really cool guy - really picky about what he sells too. Pretty much everything is grain free. :)

Like I said in another post, make sure you check your expiration dates no matter where you go...

Around here, as I came to found out recently, no one carries wellness anymore because it doesn't sell... The one place that DID have it was selling bags that had expired almost a year ago. :x

(I actually talked about it with the owner of the store where we shop... I was looking for Wellness Core for our new kitten and he explained that it was just too hard to sell for some reason - and that he quit carrying it because it all expired on him... and this is why we're switching her to Evo. :p)
hedgielover said:
It's funny that every one says petsmart doesn't carry wellness because I'm sure that's where I got it the first time but maybe it was PJ's. Also it's probably different depending on location. If you're in the GTA PJ's is big and so is Pet value and they both have wellness.
Yes, I'd guess it's a regional thing... I know our Petsmarts don't carry it. (I've checked 2 locations.) If it doesn't sell well in your area, you might only find it in niche stores. (...and maybe Petco?)

Though, I might add, if you are dead set on Wellness... it seems that the Wellness "where to buy" thing is a bit outdated... You should probably still CALL the stores. (I know for a fact that it lists stores in Memphis that no longer carry it.)
Vask said:
Update, he jumped on the bit of new food i mixed in with his current diet. Should go well from here on out. Thanks for the help everyone.
Yay! Glad to hear it! :)
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