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Vask said:
-.- I was kidding, i love my hedgehog, and your presumptuous nature is quite off-putting. I am new to hedgehog care, i am just trying to learn how to properly take care of him. The information on this site is a-lot different then what i have read on other websites and books. So i am changing the way i take care of him based on the information i am being provided on this site...
Why so hostile.. jeez.
What's off-putting is your first post. You post that you've done a LOT of research yet your hedgehog won't eat that hellaciously crappy food you want to feed him. THEN you claim that the advice on this forum is so different from anywhere else on the web.

Which is not true. Having been in hedgehogs for over 15 years, I am familiar with most of the major players in the hobby. The main hedgehog forums (Hedgehog Central, Hedgehog World, Chins-n-Hedgies (formerly Chins-n-Quills)) as well as the hedgehog mailing lists on Yahoo and the main websites all agree on diet (within reason). Google 'hedgehog diet' and your FIRST hit is the Mihog website, which belongs to our very own Kalandra and it doesn't suggest sunseed. The second hit is the FAQ, which sucks but still doesn't suggest sunseed.

In fact, it isn't until you get to a commercial pet supply site listing that sunseed gets mentioned.

The hostility comes from the fact that every single person here knows you did no real research and they know you impulse-purchased and you're trying to pretend you know something. It also comes from the frustration of having dealt with this exact same issue dozens and dozens of times without an end in site.
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