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wont come out

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yes i no i have only had charlie since friday, but he wont come out of his bed untill the room is quite and dark,, :( ,,
i came down stairs at 3oclock this morning, came into romm (didnt put any lights on) and he ran into the corner of his cage hiding,, :( ,
i spoke to him and then went back to bed,
i have had him out of his cage at t.time but he just wants to curl up and sleep, :(
he is only 8 weeks old and i no babys need there sleep, but is there anything else i can do to encourage him out of his bed?? or am i doing the right thing and just have to persevere??

just had a thought!!!! charlies bed is a wooden hut with a fleecy blanket in it so he is constantly in the dark!!!
maybe i should use something diffrent for his bed so he does get to see daylight??(if you no what i mean)

what does anyone recomend?? :?
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Hector doesn't come out until complete dark and silence either, I just figure that it is his natural habit. During the day he sleeps, at night when it is safe for him, he moves about. Not many hedgies are accustomed to the light and will be active for you when it is light out.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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