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wont come out

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yes i no i have only had charlie since friday, but he wont come out of his bed untill the room is quite and dark,, :( ,,
i came down stairs at 3oclock this morning, came into romm (didnt put any lights on) and he ran into the corner of his cage hiding,, :( ,
i spoke to him and then went back to bed,
i have had him out of his cage at t.time but he just wants to curl up and sleep, :(
he is only 8 weeks old and i no babys need there sleep, but is there anything else i can do to encourage him out of his bed?? or am i doing the right thing and just have to persevere??

just had a thought!!!! charlies bed is a wooden hut with a fleecy blanket in it so he is constantly in the dark!!!
maybe i should use something diffrent for his bed so he does get to see daylight??(if you no what i mean)

what does anyone recomend?? :?
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Can he still get under the blankie to sleep? He may not be as happy not having his hidey place to feel safe in. I have a box with fleece for my girl to sleep in, and when it's time to feed her mealies or treats at night before I go to bed, I peck on her box to wake her gently and after a couple of minutes lift the box off her so she can eat.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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