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Wondering if He's Okay...?

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So, I just returned home from a weekend trip with my hedgie, Ivan. Yesterday, while on vacation Ivan got a hold of a wild cricket. He had the thing completely devoured before I could pull it away from him. :cry:

On the ride home today Ivan threw up in his carrier and seems completely exhausted. However, he's drinking a lot of water, eating normally and has not thrown up since the car ride. He's still acting kind of lethargic and a little unsteady but is very alert when touched or spoken to.

I'm curious; do you think that the throwing up and unsteadiness is the result of a long day of travel or a side effect of possible pesticides from the cricket that he ate? I have run several searches of the forums looking for the signs of pesticide ingestion. Most posts simply say that if your hedgie has eaten a wild insect "look for signs of a pesticide reaction" but I can't seem to find WHAT signs I should be looking for.

I apologize if this has been covered in the past. I have searched and couldn't find anything. If such an answer exists could someone please link it to me.

Should I be concerned about Ivan or do you think that he's just sleepy from a long car ride?
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The car was warm but not hot. I had a shade in the car window to block out the sun and I stopped every 30-45 minutes at rest stops to offer him fresh water and a mealie. He refused all food and water offered to him and was just generally very grumpy coming home (which was surprising because he did VERY well on the drive leaving home).

Dehydration is possible just because he flat out refused to drink while driving and I suspect that the last time he drank anything was last night... and I'm sure throwing up wouldn't have helped if he was dehydrated.

I knew that hedgehogs could get car sick, but he's been in the car many times before and it's never been an issue with him... maybe it was just because this car ride was longer than others? Traffic was a bit heavy and nearly doubled the drive time. It was his longest car ride yet.

Since my first post, Ivan has woken up and wandered around his cage. He's eaten again and drank more water. I have yet to see him run in his wheel but he is looking more steady on his feet. If there has been a change in his behavior it's been very subtle. My roommates don't see a difference. I'm wondering if I'm just paranoid and looking for something wrong with him...?
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I checked on Ivan first thing this morning and he is doing much better. During the night he rearranged his house (something he does frequently) and threw massive amounts of wood chips out of his cage... so he seems to be back to his old self. He's walking normally now and still has a healthy appetite. My roommates and I are keeping a close watch on him just in case. Thank you both for the support... it was a scary moment for sure.

shetland said:
I surely hope little Ivan is feeling better. I checked his picture when you first came onto the forum. He is so so sweet!! I would love to see more pictures of your little one when he is all well again.
Aww... thank you. My little Ivan loves the camera. We have many pictures. I'll post some of them in the "Fun Stuff" section. He's really quite the ham. :roll:
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