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Wondering if He's Okay...?

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So, I just returned home from a weekend trip with my hedgie, Ivan. Yesterday, while on vacation Ivan got a hold of a wild cricket. He had the thing completely devoured before I could pull it away from him. :cry:

On the ride home today Ivan threw up in his carrier and seems completely exhausted. However, he's drinking a lot of water, eating normally and has not thrown up since the car ride. He's still acting kind of lethargic and a little unsteady but is very alert when touched or spoken to.

I'm curious; do you think that the throwing up and unsteadiness is the result of a long day of travel or a side effect of possible pesticides from the cricket that he ate? I have run several searches of the forums looking for the signs of pesticide ingestion. Most posts simply say that if your hedgie has eaten a wild insect "look for signs of a pesticide reaction" but I can't seem to find WHAT signs I should be looking for.

I apologize if this has been covered in the past. I have searched and couldn't find anything. If such an answer exists could someone please link it to me.

Should I be concerned about Ivan or do you think that he's just sleepy from a long car ride?
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Some hedgehogs can get car sick. How hot was it in the car? Could he be dehydrated? I would say maybe he needs to see a vet.
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