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Hi! I am new here so please bear with me!

I have an approximately 4 year old hedgie named Hammie that got from someone when he was about 2 years old. I am a first time hedgehog owner!
Hammie has been great and we have never had any real issues with him up until the past few months. The 1st time, It seemed like he got an injury on his back right foot and so I took Him to the vet to have it treated and took his wheel out to decrease any further chance of injury that might happen to it! It healed and I gave him his wheel back but started to notice that he just really didn’t use his wheel anymore. There would be days that it would just be clean every morning like he hadn’t run on it at all.
However a few weeks ago, I walked up to his cage in the am and noticed that there was dried blood everywhere in his cage, on his fleece and in the litter box paper towels. I checked him out and saw that his foot was open again but he hadn’t been using his wheel so I don’t think he’s injured it As since I’ve put it back it’s been clean. I cleaned him off with warm water and was monitoring him but come to find out he is actually self mutilating himself. He has gone as far to have now chewed off his Toes on his back right foot. As I’m trying to get him to stop chewing on his right foot, he is chewing on his left back foot. I have taken him to the vet. They aren’t sure what’s wrong, he suspects WHS but he is still able to curl up in a ball. He is on pain meds and antibiotics that I give him everyday. He just drags his back right but that’s because he doesn’t have any toes left but his I’m not sure if his left foot is really paralyzed or not. It looks like sometimes he walks on it and sometimes he doesn’t. I feel like he is not eating as Much but I’m not sure if that’s from the meds and his poop is a sticky green.

not sure where to go from here. Any advice maybe?

I added a video of him walking today to show his left back leg, hopefully it works.

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