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Winter Mode

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Hello all you wonderful hedgehog people out there. I was just wondering:
Do hedgehogs instinctually know when winter is approaching and eat more? I am only asking because I have noticed that my hedgie has been eating more food of late and been gaining a little bit of weight. It's nothing really to worry about but I was wondering if they actually can sense a change in the season, even if they are in a warm, temperature regulated house?
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Yes, some do. My Smokey in particular was one I noticed used to eat more and put on weight in the fall and loose it in the spring. Every year he did it.
Do you have the extra lighting available? We leave the light on from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. so they wont notice the longer darker days.
I believe they do. My Hedgie used to pack lots of wood chips whenever it was going to snow or get really cold. He'd build a big nest around him.
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