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Winston needs more weight

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So Winston is quite the runner. He runs 4-5 hours per night, and I have noticed that his sides are starting to become quite slim. I can also tell where his little hips are (if that makes sense, haha). Maybe he is a slender guy, but I am concerned about his gym-orexia ;) I think he used to be a straight bodied hedgie, but he is starting to get a bit of an hourglass and I want to beef him up a bit :) I don't think the scale is helping much as he was a baby and is growing so the weight is going up, but his body type is changing, if that makes sense.

I want to add another food to his mix that is higher in fat. Currently he gets Wellness Indoor and Castor and Pollux Ultramix Indoor. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good fattening food to add to the mix? I will obviously monitor the weight/body shape and take it out if he starts getting chubby. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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Well, as I already have the less fat versions of wellness and ultramix, I might as well as a new one for the extra fat. I was thinking of getting csftcls, but I can't find it around here.

For the Before Grain, I read this about it: A slightly unique feature of Before Grain cat food is that it is made with freeze-dried fruts and vegetables that are added after the cooking process

Does that mean there are little bits that aren't kibble in it? I wonder if they would pose a chocking hazard or if you take them out? I think the Ultramix has something similar in it, too, but I always pick those bits out because I am paranoid :lol: If it is indeed little bits, is there a lot (if I am going to pick them out I wouldn't want it to be half the bag, haha!)

Forgot to add that I feed him 4-5 freeze dreind mealies a day, as well as 2-3 freeze dried crickets. He's still so skinny! (I think I want his metabolism!)
I would try fresh mealies but I am totally grossed out by them. It's the squirming, I can't stand it. I feel bad because I would love to get him some "real" ones though. He actually likes crickets a lot more than mealies! But he loves cooked ground turkey the most :)

That Felidae stuff sounds great, Winnie's poos can sometimes seem soft although they are quite robust :shock: And, I think the pet supply right by my house carries them! I will call to double check, but it would be nice to support a local business. As for the fat percentage, he really has no fat on him at all and you can see his hips through his quills :lol: You can even kind of see them in the profile pic I have of him for my avatar, and that was when he was a baby and had a nice little round belly, the cutie! He's just a tiny skinny guy. Sometimes I think he might even have worms!
I have heard about the intestinal impaction issues with the freeze dried bugs, so I watch his poops like a hawk :lol: It doesn't seem like he has a problem with them so far! Lots of nice, big poops! Hahah! I like the idea of freezing live bugs and giving him those instead.

I was thinking about it, and I don't see how something dried can have less fat... it takes out the water, not the content. So I think they have the same amount of fat, just no moisture. And Winston can definitely smell them!

I actually just weighed him yesterday, and I think he may have lost weight since his vet visit. Not much, but shouldn't he be gaining as he is still a baby? I have to call the vet and get the exact numbers. If he wasn't so active and healthy I would worry about him.

Should I bring him back to the vet for a small weight loss in what I would assume to be his growing years, or should I just put him on more fatty food and hope he starts to gain?
So it's been over two weeks and he has not put on any weight. He did quit losing though!

Right now he is on a three-food mix, two low fat and one high fat (20%). I am going to add a fourth food slowly to the mix, it's 18% fat, and see if he gets some meat on his bones from that. I do know that he ABSOLUTELY LOVES his delicious new fatty foods, hehe.

My boyfriend was up late the other night and said Winston ran straight from 11 at night to 5 in the morning, at which time my boyfriend went to bed. He probably ran for longer after that, what a nut!

I will keep you all updated on his weight, thanks for all the previous input!
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