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I'd say you should re-examine how you're keeping her living environment. This is the second hibernation attempt for her that you've posted about, the first being in November, which makes that two hibernation attempts in a three month span--and if it's cold enough for her to do it twice and you're talking about it like it's no big deal that it happened a week ago, how many times has it happened that you haven't posted about? You HAVE to keep her environment 73 degrees or above, or you're going to keep running into this problem. Each time it happens it weakens her immune system and makes her more susceptible to becoming sick.
I would recommend a vet visit because the repeated hibernation attempts have probably weakened her immune system to the point that she's caught something and isn't feeling very well. She's not quilling because you said she's two years old in the previous post, so that's not why she's grumpy. Even if she's not sick and she's just grumpy, her grumpiness is trying to tell you something: keep the temperature at a good level for her! You're jeopardizing her life every time you let that temperature get below 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
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