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Wilbur's not using his wheel!

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My hedgie Wilbur has not used his wheel for the last 2 nights. He is an active hedgehog that loves to run every night. Nothing has changed temperature wise (74 degrees) and he is still eating and drinking. How concerned should I be?
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He does run during playtime, but he's been a little quieter the past few days. Still running but not in his usual crazy way. Also, he usually runs on his wheel no matter how much he runs during playtime. Tonight and last night, when I gave him his breakfast he went to sleep! He loves food and usually chows down as soon as I give it to him. Although this morning he had eaten his usual amount. Do they get less active and less crazy about their food as they grow up?
I think you've found the problem Nancy. My a/c has recently kicked in and it's set to cool the house to 74. If I think about it, it does feel a bit cooler than when the heat heats the house to 74. I'll put it up to 76 and see if that changes anything. Thank you.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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