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Wilbur's not using his wheel!

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My hedgie Wilbur has not used his wheel for the last 2 nights. He is an active hedgehog that loves to run every night. Nothing has changed temperature wise (74 degrees) and he is still eating and drinking. How concerned should I be?
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Often when a hedgehogs activity level and food intake drops it is because they aren't warm enough, or they are sick.

74F could be his borderline temperature where he is just on the edge of being too cool. Is 74 your normal room temp or is it obtained by a space heater, heat emitter or have you recently turned air conditioning on? Air conditioned 74 is cooler feeling than heated 74 and usually when A/C is being used, the temperature needs to be kept a few degrees higher.

The easiest thing to try is to up the temperature a few degrees and see if it helps.

Yes they do quit eating as much but that is usually around 5-7 months. :)
Ah, that is most likely the problem. If he is in a spare room, just close the vents off in that room then you can have the house the temperature you want and his room should stay a few degrees warmer. :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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