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It's May 21,2010 and today was a lot of firsts for Wilbur. :)

Today was his first time outside. The weather is really nice out and so i decided to take wilbur outside for the first time on the lawn. We don't do anything to our lawn so i didn't/don't have to worry about pesticides in the lawn. :). I took some movies with my new Flip SlideHD camcorder which i will upload to youtube by monday the latest.

His first time outside was followed by his first full bath. I got him April 9, 2010 and i haven't given him a full bath...just poopy foot baths. I bought Aveeno Baby Bath Shampoo that has Vitamin E in it (also with oats). For rinsing i used a bit of olive oil. Once a month i put a dab of olive oil on the back of his ears since they look cracked. But they are really smooth.


I give him 3 mealworms every other day...sometimes two days in a row if he does something good (like a bath). I am currently washing his liner so i can put a clean hedgehog in a clean cage. I should have cleaned the cage BEFORE i washed wilbur because right now wilbur is stuck in his traveling cage (temporary). he loves his traveling cage.

Anyway there might be a lot of people who dont like the touch of mealworms. What i do is use a cup (since the worms are in the down stairs refridge) and then i put wilbur on a blanket on my bed and dump the worms in front of him. The pet store where i buy the worms (50 for $1.50) gives them in a bag so i put them in a small plastic container (for ice Tea). Just thought you would want a tip so you don't have to touch the worms...
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