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For a little background, I rescued my hedgehog when she was 2 years old. She was in a tiny cage with only an igloo and her food/water bowls with no heating. I got her a huge cage, CHE setup always heating the cage to 74 degrees, toys, a tube, and a wheel (all of which she loves!). Despite being neglected environmentally and socially, she is very curious and is getting used to me after a few months of nightly handling.

Now there's something she does that freaks me out: She goes completely catatonic after every bath. She doesn't inhale water, and I hold her against me until she's completely dry and warm. Her stomach stays warm, and I never put her in the cage wet.

As soon as she is out of the water, she will ball up and not make any noise for about an hour afterward. If I gently blow her with a hair dryer she'll unball and run away, but after that it's more of the same. Then she just goes back to normal!!

It's very confusing and any help anyone can offer would be great :-(
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