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Hello, I'm new here but been searching around the site for a while.

I have a four year old Hedgie named Suri. Perfect health.... but yesterday night I noticed she had a white spot in the middle of her eye, and a fat pouch on the bottom of her eye. It was late and I couldn't get her to the vet. I was going to take her today but when I checked on her this morning the white spot was gone and the fat pouch was gone also. So I thought maybe she just hurt her eye on something, got stressed which caused the pouch and she was now healing. But tonight the white spot came back....

The only thing that I've changed is I gave her salmon nature's variety wet cat food (She has no teeth and has to eat wet food) which I've never given her before. I gave her salmon and an hr longer noticed the eye last night. She had chicken in the morning and she was fine, then I gave her salmon again tonight and it came back.

Could a hedgie have a reaction to a food allergy like this?
Any other ideas on what it could be?

Thank you so much! - Britt
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