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Hi its been awhile :) well I was just giving The Spike a bath and was brushing through his quills kind of giving him a once over. I noticed a well kind of a large white spot on his back. Its about maybe a little larger than my pinky finger.. maybe about the size of a dime if at most. I havent exactly noticed any strange behavior out of him. I did read a post about some sort of possible vitamin deficiency. I can change his diet and keep an eye on it. In a way I am worried about it being a tumor or something like that. I am only a college student and i dont exactly have wads of cash at hand to throw it at my hedgie at the moment. I love the littly guy im just a little bit worried. I did try to take a picture of it but well he gets a little camera shy and tries to kill my hands so.. ill let him calm down a little bit and try again later. Well thanks alot ;)
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