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Which soap to use?

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Hey, sorry if this has already been covered but I've read a bunch of threads and never really found a definitive answer.

I know about the vinegar/water mix for after a big cleaning & spot cleans. I'm just wondering about the once-a-week cleaning. Do you use dish soap, normal soap, antibacterial, bar/liquid, etc.

I'm just wondering what's the safest and most effective way

Thanks. :)

[edit] I'm referring to cleaning the cage, not the hedgie :lol:
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I admit to using original scent Dawn when I take the cage bottom out on the deck to clean it. I used it with my hamsters years ago without any problems. That's my normal dish soap and what they use on birds and animals after oil spills.

Before I got my CWS, I would soak the wheels in it overnight. Never seemed to bother Ender.

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