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OK, so I'm getting the hang of this, but my little Spikerina's diet has consisted of kibble and mealies alone. I'm actually terrified of the rest of it! I read the toxic list and worried immediately - I give celery (chopped and destringed!) and carrots to our guinea pig and the hamster gets carrots, too. I was thinking that would be OK for the hh, but now I know differently. No citrus, avocados or grapes - but what about bananas, strawberries? I don't want to add too much at once as you all have cautioned me, but I do want to know what types of fresh fruits and vegetables you've had success with - both healthy-wise and taste-wise.

If you have a few tried and true recommendations, I'd love to hear from you! Or, if there's a list somewhere I've missed, please redirect me.

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