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when i should get a hedgehog.....

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There is a 4 year old hedgie availible in my hometown RIGHT NOW :shock: . My parents said that i could get one after schools done. :? Now we are considering getting this hedgie now, she comes with her cage [im going to replace it anyway, in the pictures it looks to small], hut, bedding, water bottle.
I would LOVE it if anyone could provide insight as to this.

-- Enbay :ugeek:
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Quite honestly, at 4 years old, that hedgie only has a few years left, if even. You will have to be prepared that you wouldn't have a very long time with the hedgie.

It would be good to also find out what type of food the hedgie has been eating. What is the cage setup? (what temperature do the owners keep the cage at). You didn't mention heating, so which means you would have to go out and buy the entire CHE setup as well, since they need around 73-76F. And since the hedgie is older, might need an even warmer temperature.
Asking about the food and temperature could give you an idea of how healthy the hedgie has been kept.

Also, keep in mind that the hedgie will also have a higher chance at developing WHS since it's older(Might not, but the possibility is there).

However, all that said and done...If you DO decide to get this hedgie anyways, kudos for giving a peaceful and forever loving home for whatever years there are left, since their owners don't want to...
(sorry... another pet peeve...people giving up elderly pets...)
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