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Wheel Alternative!!

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So I have a Very social hedghog. He doesn't mind being held and played with, but lately that is not the case. I got him a Wheel a while back and now that is all he does. He doesn't play with anything else. I was thinking about taking the wheel out every other day and leaving him with some toys and stuff. I need some good suggestions on some alternatives to the wheel. Another reason for this is he poops all over his wheel and it is tuff to clean! He also gets what we call "poop feet" on a nightly basis and it is getting to the point that everytime he comes out he needs a bath!! So any suggestions would be great (even if it is about the poop thing)!
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my hedgie's wheel is a little noisy, but it doesn't ever bother me, she is in the living room and usually is up running while i sleep. :) i did put her wheel in a large cat litter box that i got from wal-mart, i cut a space so that thistle could climb in and out easily, she uses the litter box more often than not, but of course... there is still poo on the wheel! but oh well, she is adorable and i love her! lol
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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