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Wheel Alternative!!

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So I have a Very social hedghog. He doesn't mind being held and played with, but lately that is not the case. I got him a Wheel a while back and now that is all he does. He doesn't play with anything else. I was thinking about taking the wheel out every other day and leaving him with some toys and stuff. I need some good suggestions on some alternatives to the wheel. Another reason for this is he poops all over his wheel and it is tuff to clean! He also gets what we call "poop feet" on a nightly basis and it is getting to the point that everytime he comes out he needs a bath!! So any suggestions would be great (even if it is about the poop thing)!
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I need a wheel alternative for a different reason. I have tried everything to keep my baby's wheel from squeaking, but it never fails. Now, it's rattling obnoxiously. I am in earplugs at night, but sometimes, I need to be able to hear an alarm clock.

Is there a quieter alternative to the wheel that I can look at?
Puffers315 said:
*holds his hands over a crystal ball* You have....a Comfort Wheel!

I'm just guessing because I had one and holy crap, that's my only comment. They rattle, they squeak, and it doesn't help if they're in the same room as you (or in my case less than 6 feet from my head). Its worse when you soak them, it takes any lub off the spindal shaft so its just raw plastic on plastic.

Double what susanaproenca said, Carolina Storm Wheel made by LarryT here on the forums, its --very-- easy to clean, most nights I just spray with my 50/50 water-vinegar mix and wipe down within a minute, I sink wash once a week. The only thing you will hear is hedgie feet.
Actually, i have a metal wheel.. it's blue. I will look at the CSW to see what I think. I wouldn't dream of taking the wheel out of Sonadow's cage. He LOVES the thing SO much.

Mommy just needs to get better night's sleep!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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