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For example, feeding time, play time, when to clean and how often, bonding, etc.

I recently acquired a hedgehog unexpectedly, and she's in pretty rough shape. Right now I'm just trying to focus on getting her healed and fattened up a little. But other than the basics like what temp to keep her enclosure and what to feed her, I really have no clue what I'm doing.

So I'd really appreciate a run down of everyone's hedgehog care routine! Do you feed in the morning, at night, or both? How often should I change bedding completely and how often should I scrub down the cage? What cleaners should I use? Are there any tips and tricks you might have that make the cleaning process quick and easy? How so you bond and how long does it take to have them get use to you?

I do have a cat so I kind of assume the cleaning is a lot like cleaning a litter box.

Any tips and tricks would be really appreciated! I don't know if I'll be keeping her, but I want to make sure I can take good care of her now, and have some good info to share with the potential new parent/s.
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