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What's this weird pink growth around quill?

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Hello everyone--I'm new here and new to hedgehogs.

Mine has what looks like soft pink skin
encased around a quill on his back.
It doesn't resemble an ingrown quill
as it doesn't look like a bump on the surface
of his skin, or a pimple.
It's the same exact length of his other quills
and is basically the same size, it just looks like
it's wrapped in pink--almost like a skin tag or something.

He's not a baby and is not losing quills,
he's eating sleeping and messing his cage as normal.
His bedding is fleece, but browns and greens,
but the strange quill does look like pink fleece around it.

I didn't try to remove it or pull at it,
but I did brush my thumb against the quills
surrounding it, thinking it might dislodge
if it was something just stuck in there,
but it didn't move.

I'll try to attach a photo, though I've never done that before.

Thank you for any advice and help.
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i can't seem to find a picture of it, but it is most likely pink paint. Ont he forums someones hedgehog has an aqua spot but i can't find it.

That is Ziggy, drpepperheather's hedgie.

Some breeders use paint to mark their hedgies for naming, Ziggy has an aqua spot. Your's most likely has a pink spot to classify it as a girl, or just to tell it apart from its kin.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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