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What the heck colors do I have?

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I've looked at several pictures of hedgies and I am still at a loss...I think I have Idea's of what my 2 hedgie kids are but I might be off?

My female I rescued from a petstore, I believe she is a chocolate chip? (P.s do chocolate chips have a few solid white patches like pintos, or would it be chocolate chip/pinto?)

Female Brody:

Then My Male is an old guy I rescued from a home who just never found enjoyment out of such a neat critter so he was left in a 10gal tank with no interaction :( Anyways I'm thinking his color is Chocolate??? But its so confusing on hedgehog central under pictures because he could fit like 3 of the pictures... maybe someone with more experience in colors can help...People ask me all the time "Oh there cute, what colors are they? They don't look like the ones i've seen..." And I don't have a clue in the world to tell them.

Male King Luie:

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Algerian Chocolate Chip Pinto and Algerian Chocolate :)

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