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The size of the insect honestly really does not matter. They will chomp them up. Dubia roaches, BSFL & crickets are not aggressive anyway, so hedgehogs can handle any size usually just fine.

I wouldn’t give a super young baby a huge morioworm of hornworm, but for all other insects I honestly would not be concerned over size.

In terms of quantity, this is something that hugely varies from hedgehog to hedgehog. Usually one tablespoon is more than suffice, but some hogs require more and some require less. I would include more daily insects though. BSFL are super tiny and two insects per day is a really small amount for an insectivore. I’d honestly aim for around 5-10 bugs a day as a guideline to start.

as a side note; I’m honestly finding it hard to assess the quality of the spikes hedgehog food as it doesn’t list percentage of animal protein used in the kibble. In general though, hedgehog food doesn’t have the best reputation with regards to quality. But any food you do feed should state the percentage of meat in the kibble. For hedgehogs, the total animal protein % of their kibble should ideally be at a very minimum 60%. Excess amount of carbs in their diet can lead to a very chunky hedgehog.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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