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i have cute little bowls from target too!

anyway, yes i get upset when people think my girls are gross...but i take it in stride, how is picking up after my two little beasties any ickier than cleaning up after a dog on a walk, or scrubbing out a litter box? it's all a perspective issue--there are plenty of pets (i can think of a few in particular) that i personally would never want to own, but i'm sure the people who have those pets think they are just lovely and don't mind the upkeep that comes with them.

i think the main concern of this post at this point might be that next time you are out of town you might want to look into alternative petsitters for your hedgies...your mom doesn't seem to want this job, and it's stressing you both out. you and her would probably feel a lot better if they stayed with a responsible friend or neighbor next time around.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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