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I can relate to your feelings on people being so open with how disgusting they think they are. I remember telling people when I decided to get one and seeing their reactions but I think the worst have been when I have been out shopping for supplies and someone asks about what Im making. I am all for speaking your mind and everything but I have to admit I find it rude that a store employee would ask then act so openly disgusted. After all Im still a customer and it shouldn't matter what Im using things for since Im the one paying for them. I think the people in the fabric department do this the most and make it seem like you are wasting the fabric or something.

Sorry that turned into a rant but it hit close to home since I just went through this recently when I was on a fabric shopping outting. It's not exactly the same but people trying to make you feel like its a nasty pet to have hit home to reactions I've gotten.
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