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Hi there,

I just had a few questions:

You said that you and your sisters clean the cages every 2 days or so, but is your mom doing the same while you are away?
If she's not, I'm sure the cages definitely smell worse than usual because the waste would be adding up.

Do you use liners? That definitely helps to cut down on the smell for my hedgies.

Do you have them housed in one room or separate rooms?
If they are all in different rooms, they could just be getting overwhelmed as they walk room to room, but if they are in one room then the "hedgie smell" would be in just one room and maybe they could more easily deal with that.

Personally I think the smell of vinegar is disgusting. I can't imagine how sick I'd be if I smelled pee, poo and vinegar in the morning...baking from the heat lamp! Gag! :lol: Most people do use it though since it's safe for the hedgies, but there are also a few threads on here about alternative cleaning products to use. I'm looking for something different for my hedgies too so I figured I throw that out there as a possible source of stink (the combination of smells). :)

Everyone else here had really great ideas and hopefully you can get the smelly situation taken care of to make everyone happy.
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