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4 1/2 female. Initially started as cataracts now darker cloudier white spots appeared. Anyone know? No apparentirritation,actingnormal.
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Sorry for bad pictures I’m sure you can see not only does she have cataracts I believe but 3 significant cloudy spots and no they are not light reflections other then that obvious light reflection spot that’s white.

incase this is of any use to anyone - about 9 months ago she got a blood test and she had high fat in the blood. Now prior to this test I was giving her lots of eggs (with the yolk) cooked obviously. Because she was sick and I wanted to feed her what she wanted. I know believe that her cholesterol has gone back to normal she doesn’t have any yellowing of belly skin or anything which I think she used to then, she’s also lost weight and is back to a healthy weight, she eats low fat cat kibble, ive given her more mealworms recently but I noticed this after she was off mealworms and fatty foods and lost the weight, it appeared about 2 months ago, and the cataracts appeared about 8 months ago
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