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What do you do with your hedgie?

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So I'm often asked what I do with a hedgehog?
I tell them Stoney likes to run on his wheel, climb all over me, eat bugs, hide in the couch, and sit out in the yard when it's warm.

So I figured I ask: What do you all do with your hedgies? What do they like to do, especially in the summer when they can go outside more?
I'm looking forward to hearing about your hedgies!
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Lily mostly likes to snuggle up and sleep on me, or in her giant blue blankie on me. But if I put her down on my bed or on the floor, she'll sniff around and explore while I watch. I haven't gotten a chance to take her outside much yet, because I only just got her last August, and was still getting her used to me. I'm looking forward to this summer with her, though! :D
Yes, babies often don't pay much attention to where they potty. They don't really have manners yet, and they probably don't have the best control over those particular bodily functions yet, either. Lily pooped on me quite often in the first few months I had her, but in the last four months, she's only pooped on me once, and that was because I woke her in the middle of the day and didn't give her a chance to poop in her cage.
One thing you can try is after you've had him out for a few minutes, put him back down in his cage to give him a chance to potty. You might want to remove his bed before doing so, as he may want to make straight for that. Then give him a few minutes to do his business, and you may avoid at least one mess. :lol:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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