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What do you do with your hedgie?

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So I'm often asked what I do with a hedgehog?
I tell them Stoney likes to run on his wheel, climb all over me, eat bugs, hide in the couch, and sit out in the yard when it's warm.

So I figured I ask: What do you all do with your hedgies? What do they like to do, especially in the summer when they can go outside more?
I'm looking forward to hearing about your hedgies!
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Cloud is on a leash whenever he is at the beach. He also has a collar with a tag.... just in case.
Cloud uses a ferret harness and lead and it works quite well. i also have an adjustable 'ignuana' harness that adjusts to a more snug fit and is less bulky. very good for keeping an eye on your little rascal.

indoors Cloud has freerange of my room when its clean. His favorite place to sleep is under a giant stuffed turtle at the foot of my bed on the floor. He will sleep on the couch in a towel while im watching TV. during the summer i take cloud do the beach and he sits in the sun or sleeps in my bag.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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