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What do hedgehogs HATE?

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What kind of things does your hedgie absolutely HATE?

Food.. toys.. behaviors..
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hercsmom said:
hercsmom said:
Forgot to add, Herc also hates it when you sniffle if you're holding him, or the "shhhh" sound, it turns him into a big angry ball of quills!
Sancho hates that too! I'm slightly allergic to my cat so I sniffle often, and he'll freak out if he hears me. :lol:
My Suki hates...

* when I wake her up in the middle of her sleep

* the cloth that I'm using to pick her up

* bright lights when she's eating

* other people patting her head

*her old cat food (she's into IAMS, her new cat food, and she'll never go near her old cat food)

* bath time

* smell of alcohol

*nail clipping

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We have three; Penelope, Clover, and Tumbleweed.

Penelope hates:
Being pet from directly above; the shadow scares her I think.
Being held for too long and being forced to stay still or in a hedgie bag ( if we take her out somewhere)
When I take only her water bottle or only her food dish out; she likes them both back and full at once.
Being woken up
Being picked up by someone who hasn't washed their hands... ecspecially smokers... yuck!

Clover Hates: Not much at all but I guess I would have to say being prompted to roll into a ball. If we hold her stomach up in our hands she just will not roll up... she squirms and squirms.. we though that position would help us with nail trimming but she thought different.

Tumbleweed only hates one thing and that's being stopped when trying to explore. He loves heights and is a real climber hence the the name. He tumbles quite a bit!
Damien hates the sound of plastic grocery bags.
He always huffs, puffs, and jumps at the sound of it


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Sonadow hates when my cat Merlin tries to encroach on his "mommy time".
Henry hates having his cage cleaned or rearranged, kind of bath time, shadows, litter box, hideout huts, and the towel i use to pick him up in.
Holly hates:
My dog, Teddy,
And her old food.
Mildred hates cottage cheese, sniffly noses, when I wake her up too early, plastic bag noises, and when I put her fleece blankie in the corner where she likes to liner dive. Oh, she also hates the sound of windshield wipers, and when children laugh. :D
Freckles really hates his head quills touched and the word "face"
Banjo hates strawberries, having his face touched or his nails clipped, and he really hates being woken up during the day or if I move around too much when he's sleeping on me. Other than that he's pretty easygoing. :)
Moomin hates being woken up, or when I move when he's comfy in my lap. He isn't keen on strangers touching him, but he did let my friend (a vet nurse) clip his nails without getting too huffy!
Squee hates all the usual; being disturbed while asleep, baths, my intruding hands when she wants to defy gravity, sitting still {!!}, having her ears touched, being petted...she's a pretty grumpy little girl, but she will let me tickle her tummy a little-now and then-between hisses, clicks and pops...
Lily hates being woken up, baths, any food besides her kibbles and mealies, me moving during the day, other people touching her, the vet, me staying up late, me being away (she always gets huffy if I'm gone for a few days and someone else takes care of her-maybe it's wishful thinking? :lol:) She doesn't curl up at me or huff at me when I get her out, so she's pretty easy-going with me.
Demi hates Baths, nail clippings, the squaks the ****atiels make when she's laying comfortably in my lap, me moving when she's laying comfortably in my lap, Actually...any disturbances when she is comfortable is hated...lol. Being woken up too early, disturbing her late night runnings with my phone light so i can check on her...and the list goes on!
Coral hates: kissy noises, sound of crushing a soda bottle, having her belly exposed, strangers, and my Dad (he refuses to hold her but likes to look at her, so he is basicaly a stranger to her.)

I feel lucky she does not hate baths and I don't think she even knows I cut her nails.
Clover hates getting her nails clipped, sitting still after 10 pm, my ceramic turtle, and one of my friends (unless he eats cheese puffs before trying to touch her, then she loves him!)
Rosie basically hates everything but mealworms and crickets XD

And by everything I literally mean EVERYTHING!
Hector hates the usual stuff - being woken up, nail clipping, being blown on, my sneezing, plastic bag noises and me cleaning around in his cage....

And then, skirting boards! He has a proper issue with the skirting boards. He quills up and shoulder barges them and all sorts, gets all hissy and starts chucking himself at them.
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