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What do hedgehogs HATE?

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What kind of things does your hedgie absolutely HATE?

Food.. toys.. behaviors..
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Shadow: snapping ,clapping, any sharp loud sound like keys dropping. and putting lotion on his ears. but i give him mealies afterwords so he usually forgets about it. and that's about it.

Beaker: being held at first
Orbie HATES having his ears touched, which i have to do often because they are really dry. And he is angry when i wake him up or disturb him while eating lol
**Being woken up**

** My mini Schnauzer Ralphy. **

**Shadows or hands moving above him**

Consonants, kissing noises, typing, esp the enter key, light switches, cage opening. Any kind of sharp, punctual noise.

Being sniffed or blown on.

Any form of intrusion in his cage: Cleaning, refilling bowls, cleaning of pewp , hovering of hands around his hidey hole.

Intrusion of my hands to act as platforms during his "I don't care about gravity" bravado trips.

Exposure of tummy for gender showing.

Unsure of:
Touching of Visor, ears, tummy and feet, sometimes he tolerates it, sometimes he doesn't.
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Henry hates nearly everything! Me, water, being touched, most fruit and veg, any noise, all his toys etc. The only things he doesn't mind are his wheels, anything he can hide in, and meat & insects which i really believe is because im a vegetarian! :D

He's a proper grump, but so cute with it! :D
Bodil hates noise, being woken up, being touched, alive mealworms, nail clipping, baths.
I just found something Ziggy outstandingly hates. I came across it when he was a hoglet, and I came across it just now while setting up a foot bath. He loathes being held in place. My presence bugs him, being held in place just makes him go nuts.

Back when he was a hoglet, I ended up visiting the breeder I got him from to meet him, and his parents. His parents were obscenely tame. Quills were absolutely flat at all times. They didn't care for me and just wanted to explore.
Little Ziggy had his quills permanently in the "WTF" position. I kept trying to get a good look at him but he kept squirming away. At some point I held him on his back on the palm of my hand, he squirmed, then he laid flat and started crying, leaving me perplexed enough to put him down so mom could drag him back into hiding.

And now, in preparing a foot bath because he had poo cakes for socks, I open the sink faucet and place him on the edge of the sink, he tries to squirm so I put him in place, and he gives me a loud toddler-like scream, enough to once again make me perplexed and let him walk on the edge of the sink.

I wish I could've recorded it.

At least his quills don't go on WTF mode as much. My presence makes him go on defense mode until I pick him up.
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Sandslash hates:



When I put his hedgiesack down for a second to go pee or something, even though he's been riding around in my hoodie for hours. :roll: I'm sorry, your highness, your steed needs a second to relieve herself. He always marches out like HEY! What's going on here?! and then bad-naturedly heads straight back into his hedgiebag.

Baths and nail clipping (even though he loves being in a towel burrito afterward)

When I watch him wheel or push his ball

Edit: I just saw this:
Intrusion of my hands to act as platforms during his "I don't care about gravity" bravado trips.
He definitely hates that. "Get out of my way mom, I want to walk off this four foot desk."
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Moose hates strawberries and ME lol! He "tolerates" me when it is time for me to cuddle him, haha but he hates being held... he likes to explore and run around. He also hates being interrupted while on his wheel, heaven forbid someone come into my room and make noise while he is running.

Hiccup is too new to me right now, so I don't know what he doesn't like. So far I can tell that he does not like lights, at all. He is really easy going though, he let's me rub his chin and play with his toes and i was even rubbing the bridge of his nose earlier.... he is very social and loving... :shock: I'll be surprised if he hates anything lol
Sonadow hates being woken up during the day. Sometimes, I have visitors, especially now that I've moved back to Maryland, that just want to see this hedge hog. Its a novelty to them, so they HAVE to see him. So I end up waking him up. He refuses to unfurl for me, but sometimes if I'm really sweet to him, he does.
Anonymous hates getting his nails clipped, and his medicine.
Riley: nothing. I have yet to find anything he hates. He even wanted to be with the dogs as they snuffled at him through the baby-gate. Maybe he thinks he's a dog, he really loves people.
Whyte: me and everything that makes a noise. Particularly hates kissy sounds, therefore I make lots of them to him. If you're going to be hated, may as well have fun with it. (kidding! sorta)
Much: sudden startling sounds but other than that is pretty agreeable. Makes the huffing noise while investigating things but keeps quills relaxed and no frowny-face.
Kimchi hates me touching him In the cage without him knowing its me
He hates being touched on the head

Taffy- Hates when i pick her up in the cage and when i show my hand in the cage without her knowing its my hand or smelling it :)
Mango hates:

-when I move her house, especially if I wake her up while I do it
-when people cook loudly (pans being put down heavily, water running too loudly), since her cage is near our kitchen
-being held on her back for too long
-the inevitable yelling/smacking of the table when someone loses a close game of Halo
pepper loathes my phone and will burrow in my pockets just to bite it, she also hates baths and when you try to move her while she is enjoying her spot on my shoulder, she hates it when you wake her up but she likes it if i gently shake her to calm her down, he despises pooping on the bedding and decides to facilitate on the wheel while she runs at night she hates beer belches and photo shoots
Yoshi hates many things. Anything that moves, any noise louder than my "inside voice", the hedgehog plush toy that I have in his cage, anybody who messes with his bed, being clean, and one big thing he REALLY hates.

Me. xD
Scooter hates:

being "found" when she is hiding
the litter box (or maybe she loves it? hard to tell)
being woken up
bath time
My Onyx hates:
Be held to long
Not being asleep(he sleeps all th time, even at night he sleeps a lot)
Nails clipped (I have to use a nail filler in with he loves to chew on so e can annoint.)
He doesn't like being outside for long anyway
He doesn't like light
He is a pretty solitary hedgie
Layla hates:

- "shhhhh" or other shushing noises, to which she'll hiss back and become a frowny-face.
- new blankets - if it's not an old dirty one that smells like her, she'll create her own nice brown presents for it and make SURE it's extremely dirty within the hour.
- any sudden movement before she's positive that it's me.
- ANY light - she seems to be completely noctournal. She'll even get mad at a low-powered lamp at the other end of the room.
- Her toy mouse - she shoved it in the corner of her litter box the first night I put it in her cage.
- My teddybear hamster Tweak - she'll hiss and pop then try to run away once realizing he's not scared of her.
- any food other than her kibble.
Pearl doesn't like quick movements or being touched on the quills up on top of her head between her ears.
Igel hates:
The word Chick-Fil-A (at first I thought it was just the "CH" sound, but he doesn't respond to "chicken", just "Chik-fil-A")
Anyone except for me trying to hold him (he LOVES when other people pet him, just not holding)
Messes (he gets so pissy if his cage is messy)
When I have a cold and sniff
Lint on his whiskers or ears
My room-mate's dog (he loves my doberman though haha they're like the owl and the pussycat)
Those all get hissy fits out of him.

Penny hates:
Metal sounds (like silverware or keys)
That's all we know so far with her, she's still a baby. :)
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