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i am pretty sure that is a brown snowflake hedgehog... I can tell by the nose and spikes

your hedgehog is very pretty and your lucky to have her because thats a pretty adorable hedghog i must say :D

I know i am only 12 years old and you probually wont take notice of what i say because you think im only 12 and wont know any thing about them... but i do know alot about them :)

But its a brown snowflake because the colour around it's nose is brown colour and the spikes are lighter thats why its called brown snowfake.. heres a site that has a picture of one and look simular to your hedgehog and it says its a brown snowflake too.... here..

Hope i helped you! and i sure hope my anwser was correct to! (but im pretty sure it is)

Good luck with your hedgehog hope you and your hoglet has a happy life together! :D
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