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How old is the hedgehog.

The nose appears to be very dark liver, but not black. The nose looks to dark to be a brown, but the masking looks much lighter than the chocolates i have seen pictures of. The masking is extensive so it is an Algerian.

If it is under a year:
I am going to have to guess Algerian Brown because the mask seems to light, and the nose may fade in time.

If it is over a year:
I am going to have to guess Algerian Chocolate with LG. After a year i don't think the nose will fade much, and a chocolate can have a "golden brown" mask that faded with time.

We will have to wait for bryan or reaper for a definite answer.

The hedgehog also looks nothing like the picture you linked hogletlover2009. Snowflake is determined by the % of pure white quills. A snowflake must have between 30 and 70% white quills.
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