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Here are pics to follow up with my previous thread: http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/v ... =23&t=2003

Dr Evil's eyes do not look like the red of an albino, but they also don't look as black as the eyes of his 'normal' colored siblings. Although he appears to have camera flash induced red-eye, I was unable to reproduce the red-eye affect in photos of his brother with the same camera in the same lighting conditions. Is this difference in eye color called ruby-red, which has been described on hedgehogcolors.com as an eye color that "can darken to near black"?

Adam[attachment=0:2btvh2kx]DrE eyes.jpg[/attachment:2btvh2kx][attachment=1:2btvh2kx]sib eyes.jpg[/attachment:2btvh2kx]


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